Where is your construction most vulnerable to water ingress? At the joints!

The assembly of structures from building blocks such as concrete or steel elements requires the joints to be sealed to ensure water and air tightness. Joint sealants compensate and bridge the individual movement of the elements due to temperature changes, moisture, sound, wind and vibrations. Sikaflex® and SikaHyflex® stand for best-in-class and high quality envelope sealants. To achieve best performance for your application our assortment comprises of all major sealant technologies. Advanced polyurethane sealants for porous substrates and innovative silicones for non-porous substrates, or where a high adhesion is required, our unique silane-modified polymer range.

Elastic joint sealing

Engineering structures consist of individual elements which exhibit relative movements to each other. There are different kinds of such movements: Thermal movement originating from the thermal expansion, mechanical movements originating from stress on the structure like wind load or vibrations and structural movements as a consequence of permanent deformation of the structure. Movement within the joints is a reality and the long-term solution to compensate for movement is high-performance elastic joint sealants. These sealants retain their original functionality and good adhesion to the substrate throughout their whole life cycle.

Elastic sealants for movement joints

For porous substrates

  • SikaHyflex®-250 Facade: Our low modulus PU sealant with the highest movement classification
  • SikaHyflex®-160 Construction: Our high modulus PU sealant with good movement classification


For non-porous substrates

  • SikaHyflex®-905: This product has the highest movement classification. All our silicone range is low modulus
  • SikaHyflex®-605 or -305: Widely applied in the glass and metal facades all over the world this product convinces with unique application properties and good performance
  • SikaHyflex®-105: It can be used as weather sealant but is also often applied for generic applications


Sikaflex® PRO-3 and PRO-3 SL are ideal products for floor joints. Due to their mechanical properties (tough and elastic) they are highly recommend and the first choice for many.