Steel Towers - an economic and proven overall solution

Most large wind turbines are equipped with tubular steel towers which must be able to perform in some of the harshest working environments in the world over long periods of time. Due to their exposed locations they are subjected to a multitude of stresses.  For example, they often operate in marine – or industrial environments experiencing extreme variations in temperature, strong UV-radiation or high humidity. Therefore, Sika has formulated corrosion protection coating systems for steel tower sections, which cover the full range of defined corrosive categories that protect both the interior and exterior of onshore steel towers.

Corrosion Protection

SikaCor® and Sika® Permacor® high quality corrosion protection systems for interior and exterior surfaces of steel towers are based on high-strength, modern binder resins which enable very low solvent content formulations.

Joint sealing

Due to the steel tower’s size and complexity, it is always delivered as elements and assembled onsite. As such, joints between the elements are weatherproofed once assembled. Due to the stresses experienced by our towers including UV exposure, extreme weather conditions, and natural tower movement, the best performing sealing products have to be used. SikaHyflex® silicone weather sealants have a great reputation on glass and metal facades of high rise construction buildings worldwide, providing reliability and durability regardless of the environments they are exposed to. They have been designed to be applied easily due to access challenges. Our SikaHyflex® product range comprises products for generic or dedicated applications. 

Grouting for load transfer

SikaGrout® and Sikadur® series are cementitious and epoxy based engineering grouts, designed to completely fill voids and transfer load from the tower to the foundation. SikaGrout® series is specially formulated to fill vertical and horizontal joints.