Offshore wind parks

The offshore area is a rapidly growing industry with huge potential and massive developer interest. Due to higher, more consistent wind speeds at sea, offshore wind turbines can generate substantially more energy than their onshore counterparts. To take advantage of the steadier winds, offshore turbines are also bigger than onshore turbines and have an increased generation capacity. Nevertheless, designing offshore wind farms that can resist strong currents, heavy wind, powerful waves and rapid erosion are just some of the challenges faced.Sika has designed a special product ranges to meet these challenges:

  • Coating systems able to protect and minimize maintenance needed
  • Grouts capable of transferring the complete loads of the tower to the foundations with an enhanced fatigue resistance
  • Grouts designed with anti-corrosion properties to cope under these extreme conditions
Offshore grouting

Sika has developed a complete range of offshore grouts adapted to all kinds of existing foundations. From the most demanding monopile foundation to a deeper jacket foundation Sika will be your success partner. These grouts have been designed to be used with extreme temperatures, with an extreme fatigue resistance, even under water, and with a great workability that allows the grouting works to be completed without blockages occurring in pipes.

Corrosion Protection of offshore wind turbines

With maintenance periods of 20 to 25 years, the lifetime of the anti-corrosion protection coatings must be of a high standard to survive under extreme conditions. Permanent water, water changes and splash water in a maritime environment, extreme temperature fluctuations, harsh UV effects and permanent mechanical effects and abrasion all have to be factored in. Therefore, the quality and selection of an efficient anti-corrosion coating for all steel and cast iron components is vital.