Keeping the weather out

The Sikaflex® and SikaSil® range of sealants offer excellent weather resistance and long-term protection against damage caused by water ingress. Their different performance levels allow the user to tailor the end solution to the desired performance / cost specification.

Protecting the inside and outside of the nacelle

Sika’s range of sealants has a wide adhesion spectrum and adhere well to a variety of different substrates.

For severe conditions SikaSil® WS-605 S can be used in weatherproofing and sealing applications where maximum durability is required.

Sikaflex® 521-UV is suitable for areas where a high resistance against environmental stresses are expected. Both products are suitable for exterior sealing applications.

Sikaflex® 515 is a universal sealant that offers excellent sealing properties for internal applications but also outside applications requiring a lower environmental resistance.

Sikaflex®221 is mainly used for applications with low environmental stresses such as inside the nacelle.