Component part bonding

SikaForce® range of 2-component PUR adhesives are used within blade manufacturing and repair for bonding component parts and within nacelles for element bonding.

  • Lightning cable bonding
  • Winglet bonding
  • Structural bonding of prepreg blades
  • Blade finishing and repair applications
  • Element bonding within nacelles
Fast element bonding

Elements such as cable fixings and nose insulation material can be durably and rapidly bonded within the nacelle.

Structural assembly of blades

Epoxy and polyurethane 2-compoment adhesives are used in structural and semi-structural bonding of both RIM and prepreg manufactured blades. These are used extensively in the wind industry.


Surface finishing and repair

In-factory structural and cosmetic finishing as well as onsite repair of wind turbine blades using 2-compoment epoxy resin and fast polyurethane fillers.


Blade Repair and Maintenance

We ensure the blades keep on turning through ensuring cracked shear web bonds are refurbished, and bonds on the leading and trailing edges are well maintained.