Flexible sealing and bonding solutions

Sika’s range of flexible sealing and bonding solutions are widely used within the wind industry for blade, nacelle, and tower applications. Sika has a broad portfolio of products to ensure that your tower joints are sustainably air and water tight. Sika produces high quality products that excel in all major technologies.

Sikaflex® & SikaHyflex® sealants distinguish themselves through:

  • Outstanding application properties
  • Excellent weathering resistance
  • Long-term high movement capability
Weather resistant sealing

Thanks to their proven durability, adhesion and elasticity, our range of sealants ensure excellent resistance to weathering and provide long-term protection against damage caused by water infiltration.

Fast element bonding

Elements such as cable fixings and nose insulation material can be durably and rapidly bonded within the nacelle.

Joint sealing

Sealing of concrete joints is one of our core competences with decades of experience, developing well thought of best in class products. For concrete movement joints we recommend our SikaHyflex® and Sikaflex® polyurethane sealant technology. From general construction sealing to high movement joints with extreme exposure we provide the solution for you. For metal joints we recommend our SikaHyflex® silicone sealants. This technology ensures good adhesion, long-lasting high movement capability and outstanding protection against the weather, even under severe conditions.

Blade repair and maintenance

We ensure the blades keep on turning through ensuring cracked shear web bonds are refurbished, and bonds on the leading and trailing edges are well maintained.

Lightning protection