Wind must be able to perform in some of the harshest working environments in the world to over long periods of time. Due to their exposed locations they are, subjected to a multitude of stresses. For example, they often operate in marine – or industrial atmospheres, experiencing extreme variations in temperature, strong UV-radiation or high humidity.

High-quality corrosion protection products ensure long-term protection for the interior and exterior of steel towers. Sika also offers efficient products for hydraulic steel foundation structures in the offshore area, as well as tried and tested products for the low-cost corrosion protection of machine components, together with repair and maintenance solutions.

Corrosion protection for machine parts and housing

To protect the interior of nacelles we coat steel and cast iron components in our specially formulated anti-corrosion materials. The steel and cast iron components such as hubs, base frames, generator carriers, rotor shafts, machine housings, etc. are protected from severe mechanical damage due to transportation and installation. Subsequently, during the years of operation, the coating prevents the formation of corrosion, acting as a dirt repellent and is easier to clean.

Corrosion protection for steel towers

SikaCor® and Sika® Permacor® high quality corrosion protection systems for interior and exterior surfaces of steel towers are based on high-strength, modern binder resins which enable very low solvent content formulations.

Repair coatings for steel components

Our structures have to survive in harsh onshore and offshore conditions. Therefore our steel structure coatings have been designed to meet the highest anti-corrosive protection standards.  The coatings are designed to be easily applied given the often hostile environments our structures operate in. Our repair coatings are used in both the assembly process and maintenance cycles, and provide thorough protection for our structures on land and sea.

Corrosion protection for offshore wind turbines

With maintenance periods of 20 to 25 years, the lifetime of the anti-corrosion protection coatings must be of a high standard to survive under extreme conditions. Permanent water, water changes and splash water in a maritime environment, extreme temperature fluctuations, harsh UV effects and permanent mechanical effects and abrasion all have to be factored in. Therefore, the quality and selection of an efficient anti-corrosion coating for all steel and cast iron components is vital.