Fast and durable

The Sikaflex®, SikaFast® and SikaPower® products offer a range of fast element bonding solutions for both rigid and flexible bonding applications.

Rigid bonding

SikaForce® 7818 L7 is a medium curing, high performance polyurethane semi-structural adhesive for part bonding. SikaFast®-5211 NT is a fast curing, flexibilised acrylic, structural adhesive designed to replace mechanical fixings such as rivets, screws or welding. SikaPower®-1511 is a fast curing epoxy adhesive for repair or fast assembly.

Flexible bonding

Sikaflex® 953 is a fast curing, highly flexible, 2 component STP system for part bonding where high movements are expected. PowerCure® technology is used boost curing speeds of Sikaflex® for fast element bonds subject to high movement factors.