Machine components from steel and cast iron

Our coating materials and systems guarantee a long-lasting and economical corrosion protection in the interior of nacelles.

The main advantages:

  • Security in transport and assembly through high mechanical durability
  • Fast curing, short over-coating intervals and short delivery times
  • Long-term corrosion protection by active pigmentation
  • Environmentally friendly, low-solvent content product systems
Corrosion and mechanical protection

The steel and cast iron components such as hubs, base frames, generator carriers, rotor shafts, machine housings, etc. are protected from severe mechanical damage during transportation and installation.

Subsequently, during the years of operation, the coating prevents the formation of corrosion, acting as a dirt repellent and is easier to clean.

Primer (PUR): SikaCor-2440 MF or SikaCor EG Phosphat Rapid
Top Coat (PUR): SikaCor EG-5