Reinforced concrete is a composite material especially used in civil engineering structures for its strength and durability. To increase the durability of the reinforced concrete, the ingress of water and deleterious elements such as CO2 or chloride shall be prevented so the embedded reinforcement steel is not at risk of corrosion.We have developed and produced protection systems  (coatings or invisible protection) that are used all around the world to protect concrete surfaces and structures for many decades. This includes the protection of all types of buildings and structures, in various types of environment and climatic conditions.

Protective coatings

According to the exposure conditions (e.g. marine or urban environment, resistance to  freeze-thaw etc.), and the requirements of the owner in terms of aesthetics , level of protection and durability , the responsible design consultant can determine and specify considering the characteristics of the protective coating system to be used.

  • Sikagard®-675 W
  • Sikagard®-680 S
  • Sikagard®-690 W HD
Hydrophobic impregnations

Deep penetrating hydrophobic impregnations help to increase the durability of concrete structures by reducing the water uptake behavior and preventing the ingress of water-dissolved contaminants such as chlorides. The aesthetic appearance of the concrete surface will not be changed.

  • Sikagard®-705 L
  • Sikagard®-706 Thixo