The Sikadur® brand contains products for engineered structural connections within different applications. The use of epoxy adhesives for bonding concrete segments presents plenty of technology challenges. The application and product characteristics must be carefully matched so that the adhesive can transmit safely compressive and shear forces from segment to segment.  It must develop sufficient strength within a defined period so that the segments can be erected to schedule, and to seal the joints between the segments against future ingress of water. It must protect the pre-stress cables against corrosion. Sikadur® is also a brand used for resin based grouts (epoxy, PMMA etc.).

Structural Bonding

Element bonding adhesives provide a rigid bond between elements to transfer load. Sikadur® epoxy adhesives have successfully been used for decades to bond precast concrete elements together and provide a waterproof seal.


Sikadur® offers also epoxy based engineering grouts designed to completely fill voids and transfer load from the tower to the foundation.

Structural assembly of blades

Epoxy and polyurethane 2-compoment adhesives are used in structural and semi-structural bonding of both RIM and prepreg manufactured blades. These are used extensively in the wind industry.

Surface finishing and repair

Factory produced structural and cosmetic finishing as well as onsite repair of wind turbine blades using 2-compoment epoxy resin and fast polyurethane fillers.

Blade Repair and Maintenance

We ensure the blades keep on turning through ensuring cracked shear web bonds are refurbished, and bonds on the leading and trailing edges are well maintained.

Concrete Crack Injection

Sika's high performance injection materials can be used for the repair and sealing of cracks, voids, joints, hoses and compartment systems in many different structures. They are also fully compatible with other Sika systems. As a prerequisite, all of Sika’s injection products are also fully tested and conform to all of the relevant global standards.