Sika develops and markets numerous admixtures and additives for the use in concrete, cement, and mortar production. These products enhance specific properties of fresh or hardened concrete, such as workability, watertightness, durability, or early and final strength. Sika’s admixtures and additives enable high quality, sustainable, time efficient, and cost optimized production of concrete structures in precast concrete and ready-mix concrete industries.

With the Sika®ViscoCrete®Technology the water can be reduced and higher strength and an improved durability can be achieved. The efficiency of the production process can be optimized with the SikaRapid® Technology as the hardening process of the concrete is accelerated. Next to admixtures which are dosed directly into the concrete Sika offers a large variety of products improving the quality and the efficiency of the production process, like products for formwork preparation, products for repair and protection as well as sealing and bonding products.

Mould release agents

Sika® Separol® product range offers technologies for fast, safe and easy thin-film application of oils. Application specific mould release agent technologies ensuring easy cleaning and durability of the formwork, smooth and dense concrete surfaces improving the durability as well as the aesthetical appearance of the concrete surface.


The addition of Sika® ViscoCrete® - high-range water-reducing admixture - to concrete allows the reduction of the water-cement ratio without influencing the workability (rheology) of fresh concrete. The lower water content in the concrete also increases the compressive strength and the durability of hardened concrete.

Micro- and Macrofibers

The SikaFiber® range covers the reduction of early age shrinkage cracks and fire resistance with micro polypropylene fibers as well as the increase of energy absorption and fracture energy for structural applications with polypropylene macro fibers. With the SikaFiber®-Technology the performance and durability of the concrete
is highly improved and shows a cost efficient solution.


Cement acceleration is the key in making precast concrete both time and energy efficient. A suitable concrete mix design including powerful SikaRapid® accelerator technology leads to an overall optimized production process in which energy consumption for heat or steam curing can be either reduced or even omitted.


Sika® Retarder controls the cement hydration. Its addition to concrete mixes throughout the mixing process allows the retardation and stabilization of fresh concrete over several hours without negatively influencing the concrete quality.