The concrete used in erecting wind turbines must be of a particularly high quality. The precast tower elements are assembled on site and must provide a long term tight structure. Thanks to Sika’s 100 years of experience and success, you can rely on our solutions.

Joint sealing

Strong and durable adhesion of the sealant to the substrate is the essence of joint sealing. No adhesion means water ingress. Therefore, we recommend pre-treating the joints before the sealant application. This primer application does not replace the usual joint preparation, and before it is applied, the joint must be well cleaned from all processing agents, dirt and dust. In the case of concrete, the laitance must be removed by grinding. Lose particles like dust etc. must be removed. The substrate surface must be capable to withstand the elastic forces from the sealant movement. If this is not carried out, the substrate will crack near the surface. Therefore a thorough and comprehensive substrate preparation is essential.

Structural Bonding

Element bonding adhesives provide a rigid bond between elements to transfer load. Sikadur® epoxy adhesives have already been used for decades effectively to bond precast concrete elements together and provide a waterproof seal.


SikaGrout® and Sikadur® series are cementitious and epoxy based engineering grouts, designed to completely fill voids and transfer load from the tower to the foundation. SikaGrout® series is specially formulated to fill vertical and horizontal joints.

Admixtures and Additives

For the construction of concrete towers Sika provides a large variety of concrete admixtures and auxiliary products. Mould release agents for easy de-moulding, superplasticizer for improved workability, strength and durability accelerators for a faster production process. Fibers can be used to reduce crack-width and to replace steel reinforcement. The use of curing compounds leads to higher durability as the concrete surface is protected after de-moulding.

Surface Protection of Concrete

Protecting the reinforced concrete elements prolongs longevity and prevents expensive damages and repairs. Coating systems are used to enhance the appearance and meet relevant regulations and standards. Sikagard® hydrophobic impregnations, a rigid and flexible coating system is proven to protect reinforced concrete from the ingress of deleterious substances harmful to steel reinforcement.

Chemical Anchoring

Chemical Anchors are used in a wide range of structural and non-structural applications.  They can be found in different grades of concrete, different masonries, and other substrates. Threaded rods aswell as rebars and other fixing system can be installed with chemical anchors.

Concrete Repair and Reprofiling

Repairing damages in the concrete foundation or due to spalling, or damages created during production and transportation of the pre-cast elements can be done with our Sika MonoTop® and Sikadur® range.