Proven Track Record

For over 20 years Sika has successfully developed bonding solutions that blade manufacturers have come to rely on, providing a robust and reliable production process that ensures long blade service life even when installed in the harshest conditions.

Structural assembly of blades

Epoxy and polyurethane 2-compoment adhesives are used in structural and semi-structural bonding of both RIM and prepreg manufactured blades. These are used extensively in the wind industry.

Surface Finishing and Repair

In-factory structural and cosmetic finishing as well as onsite repair of wind turbine blades using 2-compoment epoxy resin and fast polyurethane fillers.

Auxiliary Part Bonding

Rapid  fixing and bonding of auxiliary parts and add-ons onto the blade surface using 2-component structural acrylate and epoxy adhesives.

Weather resistant sealing

Flexible 1 and 2-component sealant adhesives protect the structure of the blade and its components from moisture degradation.