Leaking concrete structures below ground

Below ground and engineering structures can have a greatly reduced service life due to steel corrosion and concrete damage, in addition to any reduced functionality and use. In order to avoid the expensive costs of repairs to the structure, or to water damaged interior technical installations, plus the costs of any operational downtime, these leaks can often be securely sealed and waterproofed by injection.

Sika provides an extensive range of injection systems for all types of leak sealing  applications in concrete, masonry and natural stone structures. These can be used at any time, including during the initial construction works, or later to extend the service life during any subsequent refurbishment, according to the specific project’s requirements. Sika injection systems can not only close, flexibly bridge, seal and make leaking structures watertight for the long term, some can also be used to increase or restore structural integrity and load bearing capacity, thereby providing complete and durable maintenance solutions.

Microfine Cement Suspension

Microfine cement suspensions are non-flexible and therefore non-movement accommodating, rigid, polymer modified injection materials, which are based on blends microfine cements. They are now widely used for structural injection works to seal non-moving cracks, voids and daywork joints for example.

  • Sika® InjectoCem -190
Epoxy resins

Epoxy resins have relatively high tensile and compressive strengths in relation to concrete, they aregenerally regarded as 'rigid' materials and widely used for structural repairs by injections of cracks and voids in load bearing reinforced concrete structures or elements. Their high performance helps to ensure permanent and durable load transfer based on their excellent adhesion to the concrete.

  • Sikadur® -52
  • Sika® Injection-451