Blade Repair and Maintenance

We ensure the blades keep on turning through ensuring cracked shear web bonds are refurbished, and bonds on the leading and trailing edges are well maintained.

Repair Coatings for Steel Components

Our structures have to survive in harsh onshore and offshore conditions.  Therefore our steel structure coatings have been designed to meet the highest anti-corrosive protection standards.  The coatings are designed to be easily applied given the often hostile environments our structures operate in.  Our repair coatings are used in both the assembly process and maintenance cycles, and provide thorough protection for our structures on land and sea.

Surface Protection of Concrete

Protecting the reinforced concrete elements prolongs longevity and prevents expensive damages and repairs. Coating systems are used to enhance the appearance and meet relevant regulations and standards. Sikagard® hydrophobic impregnations, a rigid and flexible coating system is proven to protect reinforced concrete from the ingress of deleterious substances harmful to steel reinforcement.

Concrete Repair and Reprofiling

Either for patch repairs in concrete foundations or repairs in the concrete precast elements, Sika has developed high performing structural repair mortars to suit these demanding applications.

Concrete Crack Injection

Sika's high performance injection materials can be used for the repair and sealing of cracks, voids, joints, hoses and compartment systems in many different structures. They are also fully compatible with other Sika systems. As a prerequisite, all of Sika’s injection products are also fully tested and conform to all of the relevant global standards.


Aggressive environmental influences, mechanical and physical attacks, as well as design or construction faults all contribute to concrete damage including corrosion to the steel reinforcement. Sika, provides an extensive range of thoroughly tested and proven repair materials and systems based on different technologies for each specific requirement and situation.