Engineering grouts are designed to completely fill voids and transfer load. 

Sika grouting technologies are ideal for:

  • Filling of vertical and horizontal joints and small holes
  • Levelling of interacting concrete surfaces
  • Protecting post-tensioned wires from corrosion

One of the essential requirements for high performance grouts is the consistent production and workability of the grout under difficult conditions, onshore and offshore. Our grouts meet all of these demanding requirements.They have been developed and extensively tested to withstand all types of weathering and climatic conditions.

Horizontal joints between tower and foundation

Cement and epoxy based grouting products are suitable for the wind towers thanks to their excellent load transfer capacity and extreme flowability. Sika Grout® –3000 series and Sikadur® range are specially designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Vertical Joints between precast elements

High performing cementitious grouts have been developed to achieve the required pumpability for these type of joints. These grouts are developed to protect the steel cables against corrosion increasing their durability and service life.

Horizontal joints between precast elments

Cement based grouting products are suitable for the wind towers thanks to their excellent fatigue resistance behavior and their excellent flowability. Sika Grout® –3000 series are especially designed to meet all demanding requirements. For adhering two concrete precast elements, check our structural bonding section.

Offshore Grouting

In offshore structures, the materials used are submitted to extreme conditions, typically carrying a high maintenance cost. Therefore, all the materials used, including the grouts used in connections, have to be high performing and durable. SikaGrout® -3500 WP meets these demanding requirements for all types of foundations.

SikaGrout® -3500 WP has the following advantages:

  • Outstanding flow properties
  • Extremely long workability to avoid blockages in the pumping lines
  • Annular gaps can be fully filled, free from voids, even under water
  • Self compacting behavior
  • Good consistence stability without sedimentation